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Once a Streamer, Always a Streamer: A..

June 28 2016

As the product of two baby boomers, I am a millennial. I am also a cord cutter. I own a smart TV and pay Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu a monthly fee to stream their content instead of paying for traditional cable. According...

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Another gladiator enters the ring in ..

March 3 2016

'Rise, rise' - as Commodus said in 2000's Gladiator.  With this week's announcement that AT&T will unleash DirecTV's programming in a variety of consumption options, another entrant has risen, and the OTT game elevated.  Again.  The announcement is interesting on a number...

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HBO Now, consistency and the future o..

February 12 2016

This week is closing out with lots of chatter about HBO Now and its subscriber numbers, which were reported for the first time on the Time Warner earnings call.  According to HBO CEO Richard Plepler, the service now holds 800,000 active subscribers...

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Meerkat and Periscope – piracy ..

May 29 2015

Let there be no doubt: with each passing day, the number of choices for video viewing increases. Never before has the sheer amount of content available to watch, both live and on-demand, been greater. And it will only grow. A lot. But...

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Bundle, bundle, toil and trouble R..

October 21 2014

Forgive the psuedo Halloween reference, but it is a spooky time for the cable companies.  At least as I see it.  Make no mistake - I don't think the cable and telco companies who provide you and I with our 100+ channel...

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Swing for the fences: another first ..

July 14 2014

Live broadcasts, specifically news and sports content are, and will continue to be, the most watched and most perishable of content in the TV Everywhere universe....

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