For Live Event Producers

Anvato Live Cloud

Live Stream HD from the field to all screens.  Full-featured live event control room.  Cut clips in in real-time. Share on social networks. Archive full events in the cloud.



Expand your live audience by supporting multiple platforms. Produce video clips from live streams in real-time. Generate robust social interactions on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Archive all camera angles for the event. Switch between multiple angles in the live stream control room.


Multi-bitrate live transcoding and archiving in the cloud

Anvato Live Cloud provides you all the tools you need to cost-effectively stream an iconic event to all screens from laptops and mobile devices. The quality will surely impress your customers.

Create and share clips in the cloud

Create video clips quickly and share instantly via Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, making it possible for friends and fans to enjoy the moment.

Video Player included for desktop and mobile

Iconic events require multiple angle streams. Power not only the main live stream, but also supplementary streams such as the exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, and switch as you fit from Anvato’s powerful Live Event Control Room.

Social Sharing, including Twitter and Facebook

Scalable, personalized television experiences on connected devices.

Broad encoder support, from free software to broadcast hardware

The Nielsen SDK is preconfigured in the players to ensure proper tracking and reporting of online viewership.

Self-service Platform

Anvato enables an MSO to simplify its architecture to reduce costs and complexity. Watch playback on all devices, including Windows and Android.



Any Encoder

Live Cloud is a bring-your-own-encoder platform, meaning that you can use just about any encoder to originate your streams. Your encoder might be a software package, like Flash Media Live Encoder, a LiveU transmission pack or a broadcast hardware encoder. Now, you can gain the benefits of a full-featured, pay-as-you-go cloud infrastructure, while leveraging your existing investment. 

Stream to any device

When playing a video stream, today’s connected devices can adapt to changes in network conditions to ensure playback without interruption. This requires the audio, video and metadata in all streams to be properly segmented and timed t o travel effectively across dodgy, unmanaged networks, such as mobile. Anvato Live Cloud handles all this for you so your event can be viewed in the highest quality on every desktop and mobile device. 

Clip Highlights and Social Sharing

Want your event to trend on Twitter and Facebook? Then you’ll need timely content and frequent posts. Anvato Cloud Live gives you the tools to generate tweets and posts, with embedded video clips, viewable under a minute. Because your videos playback directly in Twitter and Facebook, viewers get the best user experience during and after your event.

Event control room

With our state-of-the-art control room, you can not only be confident your stream is outputting flawlessly, but also you can add slates, switch between source streams, and blackout video and audio.