Access real-time metrics, player statistics and social metrics via a single intuitive dashboard. Our reporting provides you with a detailed perspective across all delivery channels ­- including mobile and web. We collect and store billions of metrics and events and make it easier for you to make data-­driven decisions.


Real-Time Metrics

Monitor video plays, average bitrates, concurrent plays and more as they happen. Reports are continuously updated and metrics are reported as they occur.

System Monitoring

Gain visibility and metrics into the hardware and network without impacting performance.

System-Generated Alerts

To ensure superior Quality of Service, system-generated alerts enable quick problem resolution.


Automatic Failover

Never go down again. In the event of a hardware or network failure, business continuity is always maintained. Anvato shifts your work to another instance to ensure no content falls between the cracks.

Ad Analytics

See who is watching the most ads, where they’re being watched and which ones are earning the most revenue.

Social Metrics

Gauge the impact your content has with your social audiences. Track engagement and conversions with insights from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and identify key influencers.