Scale without limits and simplify your live streaming infrastructure with our award-winning solution. Throw away your proprietary, costly hardware and eliminate the capital expenses associated with yesterday’s live streaming – we provide you with everything you need for flawless, stunning live linear stream origination.

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Anvato’s Media Content Platform (MCP) collapses disparate streaming components into one digital video supply chain and platform that you’ll love using, without compromising the golden video standard.

With Anvato, you get the best of both worlds:

  • The accessibility and security of on-premise encoding
  • Simplicity, scale and power of cloud infrastructure
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Adaptive Bitrate, Optimized Streaming

Anvato’s Media Content Platform (MCP) processes your live video signal and delivers a multi-bitrate video stream to end-users on multiple platforms from iOS to Android, HTML5 web to Roku and Apple TV.

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Encoding Done In 100% Software

We provide an encoding appliance that runs our software, or you can run it on your own hardware if you prefer. Closed captions, ad triggers, and in-band metadata are also fully supported. Encoder health is monitored 24/7 by our patented video fingerprint technology.

  • Hybrid Approach

  • Harnesses The Power Of The Cloud..

Our hybrid approach to video preparation takes advantage of the path and resources most appropriate to the task. Our flexible and scalable platform leverages on-premise hardware for encoding tasks but also can burst to the cloud for infinite capacity or when time to market is critical for your video content.


Broadcast Integration

Our live streamers integrate seamlessly with broadcast automation systems. We detect broadcast cue messages in-band (via HD-SDI) or out-of-band (GPI, socket feeds, audio tones, etc.) and insert as ad markers when appropriate for the mobile and desktop platforms. Moreover, our player SDKs guarantee monetization of streams on all devices.

Anvato live streaming image broadcast integration

Closed Caption Support

We support multiple captioning options such as SMPTE-TT, embedded 608/708 and WebVTT. Compliance with FCC regulations is guaranteed when you use our player SDKs.

Anvato live streaming closed caption support

Replace TV Ads with User-Targeted Dynamic Ads

Our industry leading stream stitching technology replaces broadcast ad units with dynamically placed digital ads which are frame accurate in-stream. This feature enables you to reach highly targeted viewers, and using IAB standardized VAST tags, we can help you prepare and deliver ads that are both nationally, regionally and locally most relevant to your viewers.

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Real-Time Analytics

Measure your audience engagement with the video content and ads in real time. Ad analytics such as ad starts, percentage completion and clickthroughs are reported.

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