When seconds count, get your clips in front of your audience. Breaking news and sports highlights demand to be delivered to viewers as rapidly as possible. Use Anvato’s powerful Cloud Editor to cut snippets from those events on your computer or mobile device as they happen. Syndicate those clips to all screens and social media  in minutes.

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If you have a computer and a web browser, you can edit your live video anywhere, anytime.  No special video formats are needed: just provide Anvato with your live video signal (e.g., HD-SDI, MPEG-TS or RTMP) and the path is paved for cloud editing. Edits are frame accurate. Enjoy professional features: create cross fades, capture thumbnails, extract closed captions, and more.

Record Live Video

No matter where the signal is originated or acquired, you can archive live video in the cloud. Capture in mezzanine or HD format. Enjoy unlimited storage. If you have SCTE messages in your live video, automatically cut VOD clips. Syndicate to social networks and premium destinations or use for catch-up TV. 


Anvato’s Cloud Editor helps you distribute your video clips not only to premium destinations, but also social networks like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Our integrated sharing features allow native playback in social networks, full meta-tagging and allows you tap into massive distribution. Learn More


Why we do it Better

Hybrid Cloud

Anvato’s hybrid approach combines the ease-of-use of cloud editing with the HD quality of on-premise capture. Editors are able to access the Cloud Editor anywhere, anytime using any web browser. Live linear capture occurs on premise at the broadcast facility, therefore the clips are always high-definition, broacast quality.

Guaranteed Reliability and Quality

Anvato’s patent-pending technology makes editing and syndication resilient against network glitches, CDN and cloud errors. Enjoy flawless 1080p HD clip quality with frame accurate edits. This makes Anvato’s Capture Editor the choice for high-end users who demand reliability,  accessibility and video quality.

Real-Time Editing Anywhere, Anytime

The source content becomes available for editing in the cloud immediately after it goes over the air. This ensures that the most important content is posted online in near-realtime. There is no limit to the number of users that can access the same source material.

Advanced Distribution and Branding

Once a clip is created in the Capture Editor, it is immediately ready for rapid transcoding to multiple renditions, and then syndication to countless destinations. When used in conjunction with Anvato’s Media Content Platform, additional workflow benefits arise: if the content needs a motion bumper, or trailer, or a logo overlaid, it is automatically added without any manual effort.