Anvato helps you get your content to users and never violate your content rights. Manage content entitlements, blackouts and  automate content replacement. Integrate with pay-per-view, subscription or an authenticated TV Everywhere service and manage your content delivery.


Make entitlements and rights management as simple or as complex as you’d like. We give you full control to define the entitlement rules. Anvato offers a powerful entitlement system where you can enforce content rights by user location, device and encryption level of the platform. Enforce rights and entitlements to both live streaming and video on demand.

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Our Plans Include

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Hybrid Monetization

Earn revenue from both ads and recurring payments.

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blackouts (2)
Alternative Content

Provide authorized users premium content while either blacking out or serving alternative content to other users who are not entitled to see the videos.

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Content Windowing

Control entitlements by geography. Offer your customers free trials throughout predefined content windows.

Geo (1)

Restrict access to content based on the viewer’s geographic location, including IPs, countries, or regions.

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24/7 Support

Receive 24/7 viewer support, customer service tools to manage inquiries and a dedicated technical team.

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Access to dashboards with real time metrics, user statistics and more.

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Global Coverage

Do business across the globe.  Control content delivery by geography. Maximize content revenue.