Begin your video strategy with profit in mind. Turn your cost center into a profit center. Dynamically insert high-value, interactive ads targeted for each user while Anvato’s Server-side Dynamic Ad Insertion eliminates buffering and spinning wheels. Get the full solution to monetize both your live streams and video-on-demand on any screen, any device.


Dynamic Server Side Ad Insertion

Insert ads on the server side dynamically on all platforms: desktop, iOS and Android apps, AppleTV, Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and others. This method gives you superior user experience, impeccable analytics and guaranteed playback. 

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Reuse Your Existing Ad Operations Workflow

We work with any VAST­ compliant third-party ad server, so you don’t need to switch the way you create campaigns or your reporting workflow. We generate full analytics regarding which ads are watched, completion and click-­through rates. 

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You continue to use your VAST­ compatible ad server. Your ad server still makes the ad decisions. Ads are dynamic ­­- you can still target ads for each individual user. Ads returned by the ad server are stitched into the stream by our servers and provided to the player.

Ad Transcoding

It is common for publishers to turn to third parties to sell a portion of their ad inventory. However, third party ads do not always come properly formatted for each user device. This is where Anvato’s ad transcoding solution really shows its strength. Using sophisticated video analysis technology, Anvato can identify mismatches between ads and target device capabilities in real-time. Ads are transcoded (converted to the correct video format) on-the-fly, and seamlessly inserted into the video stream. You protect revenue while maintaining a pleasant user experience.

Ad Sponsorships

High profile live sporting events, or sponsored shows require fine control on the timing and sequencing of ad units and ad pods. Anvato provides you with full control of digital ad schedules similar to broadcast style linear ad scheduling.