NAB 2017 Event Recap

NAB 2017 Event Recap

This year’s National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) event in Las Vegas was a very special event for Anvato, as it marked the first year the team exhibited on the show floor alongside other Google teams including Google Cloud, Chrome, Android TV, Widevine, DoubleClick and Jump. Anvato has been attending the conference annually to meet with media, entertainment and technology visionaries, and to keep an eye on how the industry is bringing content to life in new and exciting ways.

More than 100k attendees representing 160+ countries strolled the show floor eager to learn about the latest advances in content production, consumption, distribution and other broadcast-focused areas of interest. As always, there were some great product launches and enhancements, however the highlight of the event were the thoughtful discussions, panels and presentations our teams participated in at the show. Together, all six Google teams showcased expertise in cloud technologies and machine learning to help broadcasters and media companies better understand the solutions Google offers which help develop, distribute, personalize and monetize great experiences to audiences everywhere, at scale.

Google’s own Tariq Shaukat, President of Customers delivered the keynote titled “Connecting Audiences with Content: Media and Entertainment in the Age of ML” which was a definite highlight as he emphasized the need for the media and entertainment industry to embrace data-driven discovery and personalization. He explained how the power, flexibility and cost advantages of cloud technologies will be critical to powering efficient media workflows in the future:

“The need for discovery, the need for personalization, the need to really embrace the catalogues that are available out there and help consumers find it, digest it and figure out how to monetize it is critically important and is bringing a whole set of changes to the market”, Shaukat said during the keynote.[/vc_column_text]

Tariq-Shaukat keynote at NAB 2017

Tariq Shaukat delivering the NAB keynote

Shaukat was joined on stage by Chris McCown, Vice President of Video Product Management for Scripps Networks Interactive (and current customer of Anvato), whose brands Food Network, Bravo, Travel Channel and others and saw substantial growth in 2016. When asked what results the network saw after moving the media workflows to the cloud, McCown explained that “as we’ve grown, (Google Cloud has) done the scaling for us..we needed server-side ad insertion especially for our live streams to be able to dynamically insert local ads …and we were able to serve the local ads and do that with just a single stream…For our content, we also need to schedule it, and publish it everywhere. Across connected TVs, and also to be able to have a partner like (Google Cloud) to handle all of the back end stuff so we don’t have to actually increase our hardware.”

Over the course of the event, 36 Ted-style presentations we’re given at the Google Hub Theatre, including “The Future of Media with Machine Learning” by Google’s Amit Pande who discussed how broadcasters and media companies can take advantage of the cloud and machine learning in order to create new experiences not offered previously:

“We think machine learning can help you innovate and create new experiences..machine learning can help increase monetization as well as create new revenue streams..and it can help drive efficiencies in your existing workflows to help you reduce costs,” Pande stated.

Amit Pande on The Future of Media with Machine Learning

Cloud workflows and machine learning weren’t the only hot topics at the show, however. Evidence of the “next gen tv” standard ATSC 3.0 which will, reportedly, provide increased bandwidth and IP functionality and improve customer experience, along with an increased presence of drone supporting the traditional TV space were visible from just about anywhere on the show floor. Other interesting themes at the show included the importance of embracing social platforms, measurement and data, as well as new delivery formats like VR/AR. Google, for example, announced the launch of the new Yi Halo camera. The new camera helps take manual intervention out of producing 360-degree videos by working closely with a cloud-based stitching solution.

This year’s NAB was surely one for the record books. We’re excited to see what develops over the next year and thrilled to be able to pave the way for broadcasters and media companies. See you next year!

– Daniel Bales, Product Marketing Manager, Google Cloud Platform