IBC 2017 Wrap Up

2017 marks the 7th year the Anvato team has exhibited at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC), the leading event for the media & entertainment in Europe. This year’s IBC was a particularly exciting one for the Anvato team, as it was the first year that we exhibited at a Google booth alongside Google teams including, Chrome Media, Widevine DRM, Android TV and others. As always, we had some great conversations with customers, partners and attendees about many of the latest enhancements our teams have been working on over the last twelve months. Just like the broadcasting technology itself, main themes at IBC change year-to-year as new innovations emerge. Below are three that stood out the most to us at this year’s IBC.

The Cloud for Media

Using cloud technologies to power media-related workloads is something that’s been gaining traction with forward-thinking media companies, and this was quite apparent at IBC. The scale, security and power the public cloud provides is difficult to duplicate with on premise private infrastructure. Google Cloud exhibited at IBC for the first time, and our team had many great discussions and technical deep dives about how Google Cloud Storage, the Google CDN and Google Cloud infrastructure can help broadcasters and media companies achieve their business goals.

Machine Learning Will Play an Crucial Role

Another popular topic at this year’s IBC was machine learning, and how it can help broadcasters and media companies stay competitive in a constantly changing landscape. Google is well positioned in this space, as it offers a suite of publicly available APIs such as the Video Intelligence API, Translation API and Vision API that can help media companies automate processes, personalize viewing content and enhance monetization efforts. Our team had quite a few conversations about machine learning, as our engineers have been working on many new enhancements to our OTT / TV Everywhere platform – Media Content Platform – which will have many machine learning functionalities baked into future product enhancements.

Social Media is More Important Than Ever

Over the last several years social media has been a very hot topic, heard in conversations throughout the event and in just about every conference hall. 2017 turned out no different. Content producers and publishers still look to social platforms to extend the reach of their content by publishing their content on sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Facebook notably ramped up their efforts to address the industry and also had its first presence on the show floor.

With another IBC in the books, the Anvato team would like to thank all who stopped by the Google booth, as well as fellow Googlers from Chrome Media, Widevine DRM, Android TV, JUMP VR, and Jamboard. As video’s popularity continues to explode, the future of broadcasting looks to be more exciting than ever before and we can’t wait to see what next year brings.


–Daniel Bales, Product Marketing Manager, Google Cloud Platform