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Live capture editor boosts premium inventory for Univision Local


“Delivering high quality short and long form video to U.S. Hispanics wherever and whenever they want, both through our own media properties and through syndication partners, is a core part of our strategy and product offering.


Kevin Conroy – President, Univision Interactive

18 Stations

across the US

80% Faster

clip-creation time

60% Reduction

in editorial costs

Univision’s Story


Univision is a Spanish-language television network headquartered in New York. It has the largest number of Spanish-language television viewers in the United States, and is one of the top five US television networks with the highest growth.


Business Requirements


With TV audience migrating online, Univision saw a tremendous opportunity to publish its broadcast content on its web properties and syndicate it to its growing list of distribution partners. This initiative called for a powerful media content platform; one that would allow faster video clip creation, publication and syndication. Univision’s business requirements were:


• Insertion Capture live broadcast from 18 different local stations

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• Create clips remotely with full access from any station feed.


• Minimize time from content creation to publication.


• Deliver high-definition video to desktop and mobile devices.


• Automate content syndication.



Anvato’s Media Content Platform (MCP) enabled clips to be saved to Anvato Media Content Platform for time-shifted delivery, or published on the fly as a multi-bit rate adaptive stream to any screen. Syndication distributions can be scheduled or pushed manually to over 30 default premium video outlets, as well as custom destinations specified by your business.

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Anvato Live Video Editor provides a professional video editing experience: intuitive, precise, and quick. It lets editors select a show, cut out unwanted or unlicensed content, insert logos and transitions, and adjust the audio. Editors can also easily set up ad slots for web-targeted video monetization.


Anvato’s Live Video Editor includes productivity features not found in any other system, such as Closed Caption Navigation and enhanced Video Auto Segmenter. Auto-Segmenter uses our patented machine vision technology to detect ads, scene changes or video chapters and intelligently split the video clip into logical sub-clips.


Live Capture rack servers installed at local broadcast stations allow Univision to capture high definition video remotely, directly from live broadcast signals. Global Electronic Program Guides automatically populate video metadata such as clip title, description, air-date and close captions in multiple languages.




• Content creation productivity increases per editor, increasing video inventory and boosting ad revenue.


• 5x faster time to market and 50-60% reduction in editorial costs via live video editing, simultaneous remote access, and Anvato Auto Segmenter (average of all customers).


• Increased audience loyalty for premium content, including sports and time-sensitive news.

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• Automatic syndication to multiple outlets increases video distribution license.


• Increased employee satisfaction due to fast and effective workflow.


“Anvato not only provides us with the ability to effectively manage our large and fast growing library of assets, but also enables us to further grow our reach as well.


Kevin Conroy – President, Univision Interactive

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