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TV Everywhere Redefined – Local And Network Programming On Mobile, Desktop and Beyond


The goal was to find a way to stream live and on-demand and monetize video on every device with proper content rights management. The solution needed to power not only NBC Universal’s owned and operated stations, but also their affiliates.


Schedule, originate and monetize multiple live streams from 260 stations including o&o, NBC and Telemundo affiliates.


  • Seamless viewing experience on nbc.com/live and NBC Mobile apps
  • Increased revenue
  • Reduced workflow cost
  • Delivery of HD video on mobile and connected devices

NBC Universal’s Story


New monetization opportunities are emerging as more and more viewers are watching live news on their connected devices. With hundreds of affiliate stations in geographically diverse U.S. markets, NBC was looking for a new technology solution to not only power their own applications, but also empower their affiliates to stream and efficiently monetize on mobile devices.

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Affiliates have been a pillar of the traditional broadcast revenue. They are now expecting networks to help power the infrastructure for mobile and desktop experiences. With hundreds of affiliate stations in geographically diverse U.S. markets, complex streaming rights arrangements and an ever-growing array of mobile and connected devices, networks require a sophisticated and economically viable solution. In other words, networks need to streamline content rights, live stream origination and monetization while maintaining central control and realizing cost efficiencies.




Anvato Media Content Platform (MCP) offers:


• Live stream origination with seamless integration to broadcast systems via SCTE messages and GPI triggers


• Automated management of adaptive bitrate (ABR) streams from a central location

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• Content rights management and automated content replacement if the users are not authorized to watch certain programs or sections of programs.


• Insertion of unique, user-targeted ads leveraging the existing digital ad server ecosystem


• Support for advertising pods that include a mix of local and national spots


• Playback and monetization metrics for thin client mobile devices, as well as desktop


• Geo-targeted, personalized stream delivery


• One easy-to-use, cloud-managed end-to-end solution

Live Streaming with Dynamic Ad Insertion


The following diagram illustrates how Anvato addresses content rights management, geo-targeted stream delivery and live ad stitching:


Anvato’s Workflow for Live Streaming and Dynamic Ad Insertion


• When a user views a stream from any connected device, his/her geolocation is detected.


• Based on geolocation, user rights and authentication status (e.g., TV Everywhere login, temporary pass), Anvato starts a unique cloud session with that user.


• The live stream from the appropriate affiliate is served to the user. If the user is in a blocked geography for the particular program airing, the user is automatically served alternate content.


• Anvato’s integration with Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers™ (DFP) and FreeWheel™ ad servers allow the broadcaster to monetize its long-form live streaming content with ads specific to each local market and to each user in a player-independent fashion.

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• The advertising decision is made by the ad server. An ad request is made from Anvato’s cloud to the ad server to get the ads. The ad server returns a list of targeted video ads to Anvato. Anvato then identifies, transcodes and seamlessly stitches the high-value ads into the stream.



• Tracking is consistent across all devices. VAST-compliant tracking events are then fired on the server side throughout ad playback so that the advertiser can verify how the user engages with the creative.



• Since the heavy lifting is done by Anvato servers, the broadcaster monetizes its content on virtually every player and every device without requiring clunky player plugins.

Server-Side Ad Insertion As The Preferred Option


A high-priority item for NBC was the viewer experience. They required two key features:


• Seamless transition between content and ads without buffering.


• Support for playback and reporting on mobile devices that may have only native players and very limited processing power.


User Rights and Content Replacement


The key catalyst to monetization is to maximize profit without creating rights violations; therefore user entitlement and content access restrictions must be enforced and tied to ad policies. For example, sporting events and their entitlements need to be managed on a per-user and per-geography basis. Anvato not only provides this granular level of management, but does so from one unified web interface.


Affiliate Operational Efficiency and Scale Through One Unified Platform


Broadcasters are no longer willing to pay expensive integration fees or wait for multiple vendors to integrate their products. Without compromising quality and scale, broadcasters need to rapidly support their affiliates and their own applications with rights-managed, geo-targeted and fully monetized streams on all device platforms. Anvato offers all of the components required to manage the video supply chain via a single, web- based interface that runs in the cloud. The solution is delivered with a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model and it requires no upfront capital expenditure.

Anvato’s solutions enable forward thinking programmers and media companies to own and operate their entire TV Everywhere operation from one point of presence, with an intuitive, smart interface and dashboard which can be accessed from any location in any browser.

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