MHz Choice


Case Study


OTT subscription service goes live in a matter of weeks


“We needed a powerful video infrastructure that is end-to-end: pre-integrated with subscriptions, plans and entitlements out of the box.


Frederick Thomas – CEO, MHZ Networks

2,000+ Hours

of premium content

8 Weeks

to stand up

852 Million

connected devices in the US

MHz’s Story


MHz Choice is a subscription service that allows for unlimited viewing of available on-demand content for a monthly fee of $7.99. The service is the perfect OTT service for lovers of international crime fiction and dramas, with over 2,000 hours of premium content. New content is added weekly and is currently available on mobile devices, online via PCs and Macs, and on Internet-connected TV sets via Roku and Apple TV (via AirPlay).


Business Requirements


As the latest offering of MHz’s international program format, MHz saw an opportunity to offer its VOD content on its web properties in a subscription model. This required a powerful, end-to-end video infrastructure. MHz’s business requirements were:


• End-to-end video infrastructure pre-integrated with subscriptions, plans and entitlements

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• Asset preparation and delivery


• Secure handling of authentication, plans, subscriptions and payments integrated with payment gateways


• Standup time in a matter of weeks


• Deliver outstanding video quality, scalability and flexibility


• Access to key performance metrics, including monthly recurring revenue, unpaid invoices, and more



Anvato’s Subscriptions module from the Media Content Platform (MCP) along with new Business Insights capability. Benefitting from a hybrid monetization model, MHz is able to earn revenue from both ads and recurring payments. They are also able to provide authorized users premium content while either blacking out or serving alternative content to other users who are not entitled to see the videos, and offer content windowing to attract subscribers.

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Anvato’s new Business Insights functionality allows MHz to monitor and measure key drivers of success, including monthly recurring revenue, active subscriptions, unpaid invoices, churn rate, refunds and more.




• OTT offering launched in a matter of weeks


• Authentication, plans, subscriptions and payments seamlessly integrated with payment gateways


• Outstanding video quality, scalability and flexibility capable of reaching all platforms


“Anvato provides outstanding video quality, scalability and flexibility, all key requirements for MHZ Choice across all platforms.


Frederick Thomas – CEO, MHZ Networks

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