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Product Overview

Anvato provides the leading video platform where flexibility meets powerful end-to-end video publishing architecture. We are the only turnkey solution for media companies and broadcasters who need to fully automate the video publishing workflow from live video capture, live editing, and publishing on multiple platforms to securely syndicating to multiple business partners. We provide the only open, player independent solution that can be installed behind your firewall or used as a service in the cloud.

Live Streaming

Transcode live video content and deliver a multi-bitrate video stream to end-users on multiple platforms. Monetize via subscriptions or ads. Subscriptions can be authenticated by TV Everywhere Partners and you can even accept credit card transactions for pay per view. Highly targeted commercials are inserted in live streams and you can reuse your ad server infrastructure


Live Video Capture

Capture directly from live-broadcast streams. Extract and edit segments while broadcast is in progress. Create HD video clips without waiting for lengthy transcoding jobs. Automatically decode close captions in multiple languages, rapidly integrate with electronic program guides (EPG), and  your content management systems

Live Video Editing

Record and edit live broadcast streams or video clips anywhere, anytime on an intuitive web interface. Select clips, stitch them together, cut out the ads, insert transitions, and adjust the sound. Our fingerprint brings you capabilities not found even in professional video editors: it suggests clip boundaries, grays-out commercials and provides closed-caption navigation for fast clip generation


Ingestion & Transcoding

Reuse your existing transcoding hardware infrastructure or enjoy our state-of-the-art, powerful cloud based transcoders. We produce High Definition multi-format (e.g., Adobe Flash, HTML5, and HTTP Live), multi-bitrate streams ready for web, mobile, and broadcast syndication


Media Content Management

Anvato’s Media Content Platform (MCP) is a video and metadata management solution that brings all our modules together and automates media publishing workflow. Ingest content from multiple sources, edit via powerful online video editors, automatically meta-tag, set access rights, syndicate to multiple distribution partners, and monetize from a central location


Flash and HTML5 Players

Anvato’s Flash and HTML5 players combine outstanding quality, adaptive streaming and rapid load times. We provide the source code for all of our players. You can configure and skin the players either by using our intuitive interface with just a few clicks, or extend the code. With support multiple languages out-of-the box, including all sharing and social viewing widgets


Syndication & Synchronization

Our powerful syndication goes beyond feeds and distribution; it allows you to truly manage content channels via powerful synchronization. You manage syndication schedules, rules and formats through an intuitive interface and our platform keeps your channel line up in sync with your distributors.

Mobile & HTML5

Delivering content to the iPhone, Android and other mobile devices with no extra effort. Insert ads and use our analytics to receive real-time information about how mobile audiences engage with your content

Anvato TV Everywhere - Authorized Video Viewing

Access Controls / TV Everywhere

Protect your content and comply with legal agreements by configuring content access rules. Support geo-blocking, IP whitelists, and authenticated syndication within minutes. Enjoy subscription and pay-per-view functionality out-of-the-box. Support TV Everywhere and connect to all cable and satellite TV operators (Multichannel Video Programming Distributors) from a central location


Advertising & Monetization

Compliant with the latest IAB standards, our ad managers work on Flash on HTML5 platforms giving you the ability to insert pre-rolls, mid-rolls, post-rolls, overlays or a mix of them. Seamlessly integrate with your existing ad server or optionally connect to all the popular ad networks with our Ad Manager plug-in. For higher-end customers, our contextual ad placement sharpens the targeting and optimizes monetization


Video Analytics

Anvato’s award-winning Video Analytics is the most comprehensive video analytics solution for mobile and web video. Learn about your audience and video engagement. Quantify with video specific metrics, create reports with compelling charts and graphs. Use audience insights for to boost revenue

Anvato Open Architecture

Open Architecture & APIs

We are the only media platform that combines openness and full flexibility with cutting edge technology and enterprise class support.

  • Use our modules a la carte, or altogether for an end-to-end solution, deploy behind your firewall or use it as a service in the cloud or in hybrid mode, and fully configure to fit your workflow.
  • Each and every module has open APIs. Integrate to your existing systems with unprecedented ease and speed. We also offer source code so that you can extend the solution while enjoying the benefits of enterprise class support and flexibility